Throughout the different human race civilizations stories of the DOOMSday soon to come have always persisted. Whether it will come from higher powers as punishment for our sins or from mother Nature still uncertain. But what it is true, is that must of those ancient civilizations have set our present as the time in which these events could take place. From the Egyptians to the must mentioned predictions of the Mayans, they not just proclaimed of an end of days, but instead they warn us of a new beginning. This blog has been created to share our thoughts on this topic. How to prepare for unforseen worldwide events or any inputs of interest that might find answers to our member's questions regarding our survival. Please feel free to share.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse. A Possible humanity doom?

It seems that due to an increasing amount of books and films, zombies are becoming another reason in the list of possible World disasters that could threat humanity. What is real, and what is not?
Well, scientists have said that there exist multiple sickness that could create a "Zombie being" nowadays. The conception of the modern zombie is the "zombie apocalypse"; the breakdown of society as a result of an initial zombie outbreak which spreads. These are basically brain parasites that affect the "rightful" or "proper" functional" of the human brain, causing the "host" (person infected) to react as in "not in control" of his/her own actions.
Whether this could be a real concern to our society or not, the sole idea of human flesh eating - humans is enough to send shills through our bones. Ad to that the thou on these creatures able to increase in numbers and infect the population at the expense of a single bite and the way films pose the rapid infestation threatening to overcome our way of living and the entire world.
Then again, in my personal opinion, and with the respect of those who consider this a "World ending" event, it is my humble opinion that Zombie apocalypse is not doomsday event to watch for. And if a must to be considered, then it would definitely go in the back of my list. Not just the threat of the unavoidable wars that our "leaders" seem to love so much to solve most of our World issues, the threat of economic collapse, and the inexcusable exploitation of our nature resources without an investment to replace them, these and others take the top part of my list.
If there is anyone out there, who could perhaps add to this topic with proven facts for the followers of our site and fellow preppers with helpful info leading us into considering a Zombie Apocalypse a real threat to our society, then please feel free to share.


Anonymous said...

Scientists at one point reanimated dead flesh. I wouldn't rule it out

Anonymous said...

Totally out of reality! Too many other real concerns to be worried about a dead_living human :-)