Throughout the different human race civilizations stories of the DOOMSday soon to come have always persisted. Whether it will come from higher powers as punishment for our sins or from mother Nature still uncertain. But what it is true, is that must of those ancient civilizations have set our present as the time in which these events could take place. From the Egyptians to the must mentioned predictions of the Mayans, they not just proclaimed of an end of days, but instead they warn us of a new beginning. This blog has been created to share our thoughts on this topic. How to prepare for unforseen worldwide events or any inputs of interest that might find answers to our member's questions regarding our survival. Please feel free to share.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Grey Locke made such a great point here that I decided to make it into a Post.

A person does not need to spend tons of money to prepare. They just need to take personal responsibility for themselves and budget properly. The largest issue is that many people want to take the easy way and throw money at the problem instead of changing their lifestyle and budgeting. Preparedness isn't and shouldn't be a "Fad" but a lifestyle. Ask someone who grew up on a small family farm, ask them how much food they had on hand when they were a kid. Many will tell you between 6 and 98 months of food at all times and the pantry and larder were constantly being refilled or expanded as times permitted. Those farmers didn't have a lot of cash, they had mortgages to pay, seed to purchase, cattle feed to buy. They budgeted and stocked for the lean times which they knew they would have.

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