Throughout the different human race civilizations stories of the DOOMSday soon to come have always persisted. Whether it will come from higher powers as punishment for our sins or from mother Nature still uncertain. But what it is true, is that must of those ancient civilizations have set our present as the time in which these events could take place. From the Egyptians to the must mentioned predictions of the Mayans, they not just proclaimed of an end of days, but instead they warn us of a new beginning. This blog has been created to share our thoughts on this topic. How to prepare for unforseen worldwide events or any inputs of interest that might find answers to our member's questions regarding our survival. Please feel free to share.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Worst Case Scenario

When preparing for Doomsday worst case scenarios, where society might turn against each others in order to survive, developing a security and economic plan is as important as increasing our food and water reserves. Unfortunately, been financially stable is of every civilization's interest. Been able to trade for must needed items might become of advantage, and during a fall down of global economic, paper money might not be the first choice of trade. Collecting silver and gold coins, been able to
gather food through farming in large scale, and having access to other first needed supplies will facilitate the trading process. Survival has always been about been able to adapt and move on. Preserving and securing those assets will be another challenge, as a global collapse will sent everyone out trying to survive. Planning a security perimeter around your home or property(if available) don't have to be a nightmare. High techs security systems might come to mind, but you will have to rely on providing power to keep it running 24/7. Other most simple ways such as a perimeter fence with a couple lines holding empty cans at the ends, that will trigger when moved or breach is just a simple/cheap example of setting up a safety ground. Preparing for the future, don't have to brake the bank in the present, just have to do your homework and research to find the options that better fit your needs.

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