Throughout the different human race civilizations stories of the DOOMSday soon to come have always persisted. Whether it will come from higher powers as punishment for our sins or from mother Nature still uncertain. But what it is true, is that must of those ancient civilizations have set our present as the time in which these events could take place. From the Egyptians to the must mentioned predictions of the Mayans, they not just proclaimed of an end of days, but instead they warn us of a new beginning. This blog has been created to share our thoughts on this topic. How to prepare for unforseen worldwide events or any inputs of interest that might find answers to our member's questions regarding our survival. Please feel free to share.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not a Doomsday fanatic?

There are many ways for you to prepare for the many events that can cause your way of life to change in such a magnitude, but without making you or your family a "Doomsday fanatic".Simple steps such as keeping a good stock of water, food, candles and batteries, flashlights, a radio, matches, first aid kit, and some sore of weapon in which you should be trained on how to use it to avoid accidents, are a
good start point.
When disaster strikes, keep in mind that must public services like your water supply, power, food distribution and others will problably be cut off. Depending on how long and for what reasons, the consequences of such service interuptions might cause shortages of these goods for longer periods of time. So you should also consider what kind of food to storage, whether it needs to be storage in cold temps or not. Does it has an expiration date, how soon will expire? Water can be kept in plastic bottles, but a glass recipient is the must secure way to storage water.
Keep an emergency pack ready that includes these items to last at least for up to 3 days in case you and your family must leave your home in a hurry. When times comes, you want to waste not a precious minute on preparing, so pack up and do training exercises on regular basis to get used to the emergency exit rutine. Make sure to replace items in this pack for fresher ones often.

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