Throughout the different human race civilizations stories of the DOOMSday soon to come have always persisted. Whether it will come from higher powers as punishment for our sins or from mother Nature still uncertain. But what it is true, is that must of those ancient civilizations have set our present as the time in which these events could take place. From the Egyptians to the must mentioned predictions of the Mayans, they not just proclaimed of an end of days, but instead they warn us of a new beginning. This blog has been created to share our thoughts on this topic. How to prepare for unforseen worldwide events or any inputs of interest that might find answers to our member's questions regarding our survival. Please feel free to share.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Cayce Predictions that have already come true and those still To COME.

1) Great Depression of 1929
2) Predicted the World War to come in the early 1930's
3) Predicted the death of Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy
4) India's Independence from Britain.
5) Advised on the collapse of the Soviet Union.
6) Was the first to mention the shifting of the Earth's poles.

7) He described the concept of infra red vision, which became the US military power weapon later on.
8) During the great Depression, he predicted the raise of the Aviation Industry and others as well.
9) He told the world of the raise of new communication technologies, including the internet.
In all the many other predictions he is accounted for, one of his most notorious one, was him been able to predict his own death. On January 1st of 1945, he announced his own death in just four days, and so it became true.
* Start of the Armaggedon. He described this as battle between higher forces of light and the lower forces of darkness, giving the year of 1999 as the year in which such spiritual war should begin.
* Possibility of a World war III
* New Astronomy discoveries.
* More Archeological discoveries.
* Volcanic activities and major Earthquakes.
* America's West coast to be destroyed.
* A new era of peace that will follow the extreme Earth changes causing major disasters.
He believed that, all visions of the Future are just warnings, signals that we should take seriously and prepare for it, as we hold the power to change our future outcome.

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Anonymous said...

I found this on the SCI SITE about Nostradamus Predictions.
Concidered to be one of the greatest minds in terms of telling the world of what's next to come, since most of his predictions have already occured, his sights for the End of the World still pending. Of all the dates supposed to mark the so called "Doomsdate", including 1994; 1998; 2000; and the trendiest of them all, Dec 21, 2012; the last have the support of other civilizations also.
Now, Nostradamus himself wrote that he could only foreseen the future up to the year 3797. Does this means that our future generations will see their last sunny day in the 38th Century? Call me optimistic if you want, thats great news to me :)!!!